Vendor Information for Plant Sale on May 25, 2024

Thank you for your interest in becoming a plant vendor at The Bernice Garden’s events.  We are excited about bringing our community together and vendors are a vital part of making that happen. Below is the information you need for a successful event along with the online application.

Vendor Types

  • This event will be focused on our amazing local plant vendors!

  • The vendor fee is $20 for this event.

  • We welcome any and all types of plants—houseplants, culinary, and outdoor to name a few!

  • Applications for non-plant vendors are not being accepted for this event.

Booth Details

  • All booth spaces are 10’x10′

  • Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables, tablecloths, tents, and chairs.

  • Vendors may display their own signage within their booth.

  • Booth placement is up to the discretion of the market manager. Many factors are considered when spaces are assigned such as, but not limited to: vendor type, previous placement, requirements, and special requests.

  • Set up will begin an hour before the event. Vendors may drive up to their booth, unload and immediately drive off. Vendors must remove vehicle from premises before setting up the booth.

  • Breakdown will occur when the attendees are gone.  No vehicles will be able to enter the premises until all of the attendees are gone.

  • Special requests for booth placement may be made in advance, however, we can not guarantee special requests for every market.

  • No decorations, signage or merchandise can extend beyond the booth space.

  • Do not park in the Bernice Garden parking lot. This area is reserved for attendees.  There is street parking on both sides of Main Street, as well as along side streets.


  • Please let us know if your booth requires electricity.

  • Vendors are responsible for supplying their own extension cords. The length of the extension cord is based on how close you are to the power source. We ask that cords are ran safely and do not impede the flow of traffic or cause a tripping hazard.

  • No generators are allowed.

Rules & Regulations

  • Vendors can only sell the types of items listed on the application. Vendors may not sell any additional items outside of the listed items on the application without prior approval from The Bernice Garden.

  • Vendors may not sell tobacco, weapons or items with any type of point (plastic or metal).

  • Produce vendors can not sell produce with more than 10% decay, shriveling, etc.

  • A produce vendor shall not “false pack” (place fresh produce over spoiled produce). Ejection from the event will occur if the issue can not be resolved.

  • No overtly offensive, expletive, or political products will be allowed.

  • Vendors selling meats, plants or cottage foods (jams, jellies, baked goods, etc) are required to follow AR Department Guidelines.  Please refer to the Homemade Food Guide and the AR Department of Health Farmers Market Vendor Guide PDFs.

  • Every vendor must conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner. Questions/concerns/complaints should be brought to the manager’s attention in a calm and respectful manner, privately if possible. Yelling, cursing, harassment, and/or disrespectful language will not be tolerated.

  • Cancellation/Inclement Weather Policy: Cancellation of the Market or early closure due to dangerous or severe weather conditions shall be at the sole discretion of the Market Manager. If severe heat advisories, thunderstorms, tornado warning/watch, or severe and consistent rain occurs prior to the opening of the Market and there is reason to believe the threat will persist through much of the Market hours, the Market opening may be delayed, or cancelled altogether. If severe weather conditions develop after the Market has opened, customers, vendors and volunteers are expected to move to a safe place until the weather has passed. If the Market were to close or be delayed, we will notify vendors by text or email, and communications would go out on Facebook. In the event of a market cancellation, booth fees that have been paid in advance will be refunded.

Vendor Application

By applying to become a vendor at The Bernice Garden, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and information mentioned above.