The Bernice Garden

The Bernice Garden is located at the southeast corner of Daisy Bates Avenue and South Main Street in downtown Little Rock. Created to celebrate the community and host events, the garden also fosters neighborliness and a sense of pride in the area.

Grab a bite to eat at any of the neighborhood restaurants, stores or markets, meet your friends and family under the canopy, and enjoy the beauty and excitement of a revitalized neighborhood at The Bernice Garden. Or rent the garden for weddings, receptions, dinner parties, concerts or any celebration – it’s a beautiful, natural fit for special occasions.

events venue

The unique beauty of The Bernice Garden makes it a stand-out spot for almost any special occasion – and makes almost any occasion special.

special events

We host many special events throughout the year at The Bernice Garden. Learn more about our upcoming special events.

sculpture garden

The Bernice Garden, its sculptures and artworks represent and reflect the spirit, nature and history of Arkansas.

farmer's market

The Bernice Garden Farmers’ Market offers an open community space for local growers to sell sustainably raised fruit, vegetables, nuts, berries, flowers, and herbs, as well as cheeses, prepared food and other goods to downtown Little Rock residents, businesses, organizations and visitors.

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For more information about The Bernice Garden, its sculptures, plants, amenities and events, please contact us!

  • 501.410.3938
  • desk@thebernicegarden.org
  • 1401 main street, little rock, arkansas
  • Open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    This privately owned garden is open for the public to enjoy during normal hours except when there are private special events and rentals. For those enjoying the garden we ask that you be mindful of the garden and use waste receptacles.