GetDownGarden_Poster_2Gracious! When things start hopping in the garden, they really start hopping. We’ve already had our first two weddings of the year and a visit from a group of docents from the Arkansas Arts Center.

Thursday, April 2, on the Arkansas Day of Giving,  Shannon Boshears, local musical phenomenon and Pulaski Technical College Foundation Executive Director, will “Get Down in the Garden” continuously from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., performing “Teach Your Children” with the assistance of drop-in guest musicians.

Funds will go to the purchase of a grand piano for the performance hall at PTC – and Shannon and friends just might break a world record by raising a 12-hour ruckus while raising funds. This is an all-day party, with food trucks, Loblolly ice cream and possible media coverage, so come ready to eat, sing, play or just clap along.

Oh, and make a donation if you’re so inclined, at

Guest performers so far include: Walter K; Lori Stidham; Charlie Macom; Dr. Margaret Ellibee, PTC President; Dr. Mike DeLong, PTC Provost; Janet Troutman Ward, Pulaski Co. Tax Assessor; Mark Wyers; Jimmy Powell; Mike Nelson; Brian Nahlen; John Willis; Michael Shipp; Dave Shurgar; Jason Hale; Jamie Fleming; Nate Kennedy; Tammy Siler; Redd Hutsell; Leeann Sadler; Ivon Granaldi; Lucious Spiller; Gio Vanni Bruno; Philip Martin; Guido Ritchie; Doug LeFevre; Buck McArthur; Barry McVinney; Mark Currey; Marck L. Beggs; Ben Brenner; Mandy McBride; Michael Goodrich; Bruce Hulsey; Matt Dickson; Jessica Grenshaw; Genine Perez; Bentley Wallace, PTC VP; Cliff Aaron; Scott Sudduth; Barbara Raney.

And they’re still lining up – contact Shannon via Facebook if you’re interested or want more details.


The Easter Bunny will do a little hopping in the garden Saturday, April 4. You can see details below.




And you’ll notice another wedding that evening – the third of many scheduled for the coming months – if you go hop,  hop, hopping by.




The following weekend is another really big one for the garden, with the first South Main Vintage Market of the year kicking off.



People love the market and we love bringing people to SoMa to see what all we have to offer, which continues to grow.

And speaking of growing, Sunday brings our first fabulous Bernice Garden Farmers’ Market of 2015. Seems we’ve waited all winter for that … oh, wait. We have! But just in time, Sundays in SoMa will be bustling again.

That’s it for this time. Talk to you soon!