"Fish Stela" by Stephen Driver

“Fish Stela” by Stephen Driver

For everything, there is a season, and for The Bernice Garden, this is the season of change. Not are some of the gorgeous plants, tended with love by Laverne Davis, transitioning into their fall and winter versions, but the 2013 sculptures have been installed, and some of the old favorite pieces have transitioned out.

If you attended the Sculpture Party and Fall Fest, you’ve seen the new ones. If not, you can see them here – but we hope you’ll come by in person when you’re in the area.

David Carpenter's “Home: The View From Here”

David Carpenter’s “Home: The View From Here”

If you were at the party and stayed for the announcements, you’ve already heard the news, but for everyone else, learning that our lovely Liz Sanders is transitioning to the next phase of her life and leaving the garden may come as a big surprise.

We love you, Liz.

We love you, Liz.

She’s entering her last week with us – we’ll miss her dearly, for we adore her and all she’s done to make the garden such a success. But she’ll be around; Liz is a neighborhood girl, so you’ll still see her smiling face.

We love her and wish her the best.

Food Truck Thursdays are entering their dormant season, much to some people’s dismay. We hope they pop back up in the spring – just like jonquils, they’re a sweet addition to the garden.

But we have plenty of fall activity to come. The 2013 Arkansas Cornbread Festival is just over a month away. You can already purchase tickets online here, which you’ll want to do since they’re discounted for pre-purchases.

The special cornbread version of Tales from the South is Sunday, Oct. 6. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you can do so here. Anncha Briggs, Heidi Damron and Joanna Seibert will be serving hot-from-the-creativity-oven cornbread stories.

Our markets will continue for a few more weeks, and the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony will be Dec. 5.

But we’re already thinking about the seasons ahead – and we’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite things about or at The Bernice Garden?

Danny Campbell's “Garden Series”

Danny Campbell’s “Garden Series”

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John Van Horn's and Erika Droke's “Sealed with a Wish”

John Van Horn’s and Erika Droke’s “Sealed with a Wish”


Kerrick Hartman's “Burden Bearers”

Kerrick Hartman’s “Burden Bearers”


Mia Hall's and Davis Clemons' “The Fruit of Their Labor”

Mia Hall’s and Davis Clemons’ “The Fruit of Their Labor”