Back in the mid-1960s, when Main Street – and the entire downtown area – was still hopping, a short-lived (but beloved by many) television show called That Was the Week That Was aired. You can think of it as a prehistoric The Daily Show, but a satirical look at the news of the week instead of news of the day.

(You can also find snippets here and there on YouTube.)

That title comes to mind today with a twist – because the past few days were The Weekend That Was for South Main, The Bernice Garden, Esse Purse Museum, Anita Davis, and Main Street in general.


The June issue of Arkansas Life hit the news stands Friday and features a fabulous article by Rhonda Owen about Anita and our sister endeavor, Esse Purse Museum. It’s called “The Essence of Esse” and should be available soon online, though last month’s issue is still up today.

Then Sunday, the A section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette had a huge, muliple-page article called “Main Street’s rebirth” – a fascinating look at what’s going on on the other side of I630 with fabulous pictures from the good old days.

But over on the cover of the Business section was “South Main aims for a cozy vibe,” a perfect headline if there ever were one, because we do, and we’re achieving it. And there’s our girl Anita again! Gotta love it. (And on a personal note, may I just add, it’s about time!)

Sunday was a perfect, perfect day for The Bernice Garden Farmers’ Market, and to the delight of many, Maria Galicia, known as “the tamale lady,” was back!

Vegetarian or chicken tamales, anyone?

Vegetarian or chicken tamales, anyone?

And two weeks before opening day, the South Main Vintage Market Facebook page has 200 likes! We’re happy about that.


Judging by popular response, you’re excited about its arrival, so let’s go ahead and get the dates out so you can mark your calendars:

June 15, July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 14 and Oct. 12. We may add more dates later, but that’s it for now, so don’t miss a single one!

And speaking of calendars, June 13 is our next SoMa Food Truck Thursday, so put that date down too.

OK, that ends our madcap recap. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. We know it will be exciting.