Mia Hall

Local artist and UALR professor Mia Hall was a 2012 Sculpture Project winner. Her lifelike cast-concrete pillows have fooled many a visitor at the Garden.

Wow. Are we excited over at The Bernice Garden! Thanks to the generosity of Robyn and John Horn of Little Rock, this year’s Sculpture Project winners will reap double the reward of previous years.

The Horns surprised us by matching the original award amount, bringing it to $6,000 per artist chosen.

Garden owner Anita Davis couldn’t be more pleased for the Arkansas artists she loves to promote – and for what the donation represents.

“It’s important to show that Arkansas artists have value and that they should be compensated for it,” Anita says. And since “Robyn and John Horn are respected art patrons,” that adds oomph to the prestige of being chosen as a yearlong exhibitor.

Garden coordinator Liz Sanders is thrilled by the Horns’ patronage.

“We are so appreciative of the commitment the Horn’s have made to the garden, and to the talented Arkansas artists who will benefit from their sponsorship,” Liz says. “This a very exciting year for Arkansas art!”

For more information on this year’s sculpture competition, see the “Sculptures” page on this site. You’ve got two weeks left if you want to enter.

And you can see Liz and 2012 Sculpture Project winner Mia Hall  explaining more about the competition and its significance  here, when they were featured on on KATV’s “Good Morning, Arkansas” recently.