Our scented soaps are made with fresh and simple ingredients that can be used on any and all skin types. All our skin products are made with Kukui Oil, which is our star ingredient.

Kukui nut oil originated in Hawaii and is a key ingredient to have in all your bath & beauty products. It’s proven to moisturize without feeling or looking greasy and contains antibacterial properties, with number of potential benefits:

Non-greasy Moisturizing properties
Fights dry skin, even those with eczema
Locking in moisture
Antibacterial properties
Reducing acne
Preventing infection
Preventing inflammation
Encouraging wound healing


the woman behind the brand.
April Ripper Teoulet.

She is a 40 year old originally from North Little Rock, Arkansas, but spent 5 fantastic years living in Hawaii. While there, she absolutely fell in love with the land, itโ€™s spirit, and the culture. She moved back to Little Rock to start an ever-growing family, but voyages back to the islands every few years. April has been making soap since 2003, which started as a hobby in college. It became a full time passion in 2013.ย