We recently announced the chosen few of our entrants for the 2013 Sculpture Project. Today we’re happy to show you beautiful photographic evidence of why they were chosen, via these lovely maquettes.

(That’s a fancy French word for small preliminary models, three-dimensional and to scale. Our own talented Steven Otis shot all the photos.)

Feast your eyes now, then count the days until Sept. 19, when the full-size sculptures will be revealed in all their glory.

Again, congrats to the artists and thanks for your contributions to our neighborhood.

Mia Hall and Davis Clemons "The Fruit of Their Labor"

Mia Hall and Davis Clemons: “The Fruit of Their Labor” (Photo by Steven Otis)

Steven Driver: "Fish Stela"

Steven Driver: “Fish Stela” (Photo by Steven Otis)

Kerrick Hartman: "Burden Bearers"

Kerrick Hartman: “Burden Bearers” (Photo by Steven Otis)


John Van Horn and Erika Drake: "Sealed with a Wish"

John Van Horn and Erika Droke: “Sealed with a Wish” (Photo by Steven Otis)


Danny Campbell: "Garden Series"

Danny Campbell: “Garden Series” (Photo by Steven Otis)

David Carpenter: "Home: The View From Here"

David Carpenter: “Home: The View From Here” (Photo by Steven Otis)

In other Garden news, don’t forget that this Thursday, June 13, is SoMa Food Truck Thursday. You won’t want to  miss it.

Saturday is our debut South Main Vintage Market from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Logo design: Steven Otis

Logo design: Steven Otis

And, of course, Sunday is The Bernice Garden Farmers’ Market.

See you soon!